The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department is responsible for the development and management of the city's interactive mapping system and the physical mapping of all utilities that are maintained by Kuna's Public Works Department.

  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Pressurized & Gravity Irrigation

This computer-based system connects maps and data together to provide user information and geographic knowledge to address many challenges in engineering and infrastructure management.


The city's GIS system utilizes the latest in ESRI Arc mapping and GPS technology combined with the added detail from Digital Orthographic Photography to produce accurate maps and data for the entire city.

City Maps

The following maps have been placed on the website for your downloading and viewing pleasure. For public safety infrastructure maps can not be displayed openly to the public and custom maps are available upon demand, simply call the GIS department for additional maps and information

GIS Manager

Mike Borzick has 22 years of GIS experience and has been working for the City of Kuna for since 2008 and has worked in is the GIS field since joining the United States Marine Corp in 1994.