Green Belt


Along Indian Creek, In between Swan Falls and School Street West Green Belt (PDF) East Greenbelt (PDF) Skate Park and BMX Extreme (PDF)


Dawn till Dusk


Restrooms, Picnic Area, Electricity, Access to Indian Creek, Walking Path, Tables, Benches, BMX Race Track, Skate Board Park, Little League Baseball Fields


Reservations can be made with the City Clerks office.


This is Area is in the center of Town. Its used by runners, walkers, kids, and adults. It runs right along Indian Creek, with areas to sit and picnic. Youth can try their luck on the BMX race track or on skateboard park. With many mature trees, people are always relaxing in the shade reading books or taking a quick nap. If looking for a spot to have a wedding, this is it. We've had quite a few successful weddings along the Creek. Restroom: Restroom on East side of the Green belt by the parking lot off of Swan Falls.

Prohibited by Ordinance: 


Glass Containers