Downtown Revitalization

APA Idaho award for Kuna Downtown Revitalization

The City of Kuna and JUB Engineers received the APA Idaho award for the planning of downtown Kuna. Here is a video talking about downtown. Great Job Team Kuna and Team JUB!

APA Award Video

Downtown update

Public Notices

Project Update - June 12, 2017 (PDF)

Project Update - May 31, 2017 (PDF)

Phase 1 of the Kuna Downtown Revitalization is moving forward!

Construction in 2017.

The City has received grant funding toward the first phase that incorporates Avenue E from 4th Street to Main St and then east along Main St to Avenue C. The second phase will proceed along Main St to Avenue A.

We would like to recognize the Grants and Funding for this worthy project: $500,000 CDBG grant through Idaho Department of Commerce

$200,000 TMA/TAP grant through COMPASS

$200,000 ACHD investment

$140,000 City investment

$5,400 Bench & Bike Post sponsorship's from local businesses and families

August 8, 2017 News Release

The City of Kuna Receives $15,000.00 'Meet Me at the Park' Grant to Increase Access to Local Play Spaces (PDF)

This Interactive Art Play Space will be located on the corner of Avenue E and Main Street as a part of the Downtown Interactive Art Alley along Avenue E!

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Downtown Kuna Artist and Crafters Show to benefit Downtown Revitalization

The event on November 12, 2016, held at Kuna Event Center was a success! Downtown raised over $1,500 and it was a privilege to see the talents of our Kuna Artists and Crafters.

Great input on the downtown plan was received by those who stopped by the Downtown Revitalization table with renderings.

Watch for events throughout the year as well as next year to kick off your Christmas Shopping!

A special Thank You to everyone who supports this and other Kuna projects.

Photos of Downtown Improvements

A big thanks to all the businesses updating their facade's for Downtown Kuna!

One story red building with insurance sign

Multi Comm Insurance

White building on street with red truck out front

4 E's Building - Lima Lemon'

One story white building with round roof

Kuna Community Hall

Open House - October 29, 2015

Downtown Kuna Revitalization & Greenbelt Improvements

Please join us for a Public Open House on
October 29, 2015 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
 Please see Steering Committee - November 2015 Meeting Notes for a summary of the open house input received.


Steering Committee - September 2015

Meeting Notes (PDF) 

The committee met and began to define the boundaries of the first phase of Kuna Downtown Revitalization. Direction was determined for potential funding opportunities.

Steering Committee - October 2015

Meeting Notes (PDF) 

The committee worked on the project concept, reviewed the downtown corridor concept, discussed changes and achieved a consensus

Steering Committee - November 2015

The committee finalized the plan for downtown to move forward to City Council for approval

Meeting Notes (PDF)

Steering Committee - October 2016

The committee began the process of selecting the style for downtown.

Meeting Notes (PDF)


March 2015 (PDF)

July 2015 (PDF)


Downtown Banners, Flower Pots & Flowers, Birds of Prey Sidewalk Art, Kuna Caves Receptacle Art, and Mini Water Tower Exhibit (PDF)

Downtown Benches, Bike Racks and Tables (PDF)

Meet our Sponsors

Meet our Sponsors!

Reports and Plans

11.13.2015 Kuna Downtown Revitalization Draft Plan (PDF)

11.13.2015 Kuna Downtown Corridor Renderings (PDF)

11.10.2016 UPDATED Kuna Downtown Corridor Renderings (PDF)

October 2014 Visioning Report (PDF)

September 2015 Stakeholder Assessment (PDF)

Downtown Corridor Graphics (PDF)