Co-Mingled Recycling


Please use this guide to assist you in properly preparing and disposing of your recyclable items.  If you have any questions feel free to contact J&M Sanitation Inc. at (208) 922-3313.

Recyclables must be out for collection the previous night or no later than 7:00 am the day of service.

 Recycling pick-up occurs on your trash day, every other week. For your collection dates see the service days calendar.

  •  Additional 95-gallon recycling carts are available for a small monthly fee. 
  • No need to separate recyclable materials (see accepted materials list). 
  •  Recyclables need to be relatively clean, dry, and empty. Examples of this include a mayonnaise jar wiped clean of residue with a spatula or emptying a soda bottle completely in the sink. 
  •  Lightly rinse the recyclable container, if necessary, to remove food particles. 
  •  Remove non-recyclable material from the items (such as plastic cereal inserts). Plastic and metal caps do not need to be removed from the recyclables. 
  • Co-Mingled recycling diagrams and examples - Diagram 1 (PDF) or Diagram 2 (PDF)

Do not place recyclables in bags

  • Recyclables should be unrestrained when placed in your recycle container(s). Continue to bag and tie your trash placed in trash receptacles as doing so will help contain odors and reduce pests. 

 All recyclables must be placed in the cart

Recycling Service Days Calendar

Important dates

 Recycling is collected every other week. If the decal under your cart lid is RED, set your recycling out on the RED weeks, if its YELLOW set recycling out on the YELLOW weeks. If your regular collection day falls on or after New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, collection will be one day later than usual.

2019 Recycling Calendar.jpg

Collection days for Kuna Residents

Recycling Day map (PDF)