National Accolades

#12 "2017 Best 100 Places to Live" (Metro)
U.S. News & World Report, 2017

"Best Rocky Mountain Secret"
Outside Magazine, June 2017

#1 "Top Performing Economy" (Idaho)
Bloomberg, August 2017

Top 10 "Cheapest States to Live in 2017"
CNBC, July 2017

Top 10 "Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017" (Idaho)
Vogue Magazine, January 2017

Idaho Ranked #1 in "Job Love"
Monster & Brandwatch, July 2016

#5 "Best Drivers in Country"
AllState, July 2016

#4 "Best State to Practice Medicine"
Medscape, June 2016

Idaho Ranked the "Hottest Job Market"
Kipplinger, June 2016

Top 10 "Best Wine Region in America"
Sommeliers, May 2016

Lowest Business Costs in the Pacific U.S.
KPMG's Competitive Alternatives, 2012, 2014 & 2016

Top 10 "Best Air Quality", April 2016

Top 10 "Hottest Housing Markets of 2016"
Zillow, January 2016

#6 "Top State for Job Growth"
Forbes, January 2016

#2 State for Volunteerism
Corporation for National & Community Service, December 2015

#3 State with "Fastest Job Growth in 2015"
Kiplinger via MSN Money, July 2015

#4 Best "Travel-Worthy State Capital"
USA Today, January 2015

#3 "Most Charitable State"
Wallethub, December 2014

Top 10 "Happiest States"
Wallethub, September 2014

#1 Best "Under the Radar Tech Hub"
Sparefoot, May 2014

#1 "Region Getting it Right"
TIME Magazine, March 17, 2014

#12 "Healthiest State", Dec. 2013

#9 "Best State for Expected Job Growth"
Forbes, September 2013

#4 "Best State for Entrepreneurs"
Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2013

#10 "Best State for Business"

#7 "Best State for Cost of Doing Business"

#5 "Best State for Business Friendliness"

#3 "Best State for Cost of Living"
CNBC, July 2013

#7 "Most Entrepreneurial State"
CNN Money, June 2013

#3 "Best Fly Fishing College (Boise State)"
Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, May 2013

#5 "Five States Experiencing the Most Enjoyment"
Gallup Wellbeing, April 2013

#1 "State: Training & Networking Programs, Licensing Regulations, & Ease of Starting a Business" A+ Ranking for Overall Friendliness
Thumbtack (& Kaufman Foundation), April 2013

#3 "Metro Market Leading the Housing Recovery"
Forbes, February 2013

#6 "Most Inventive State"
CNN Money, October 2012

In 2012, a series of reports and studies from highly regarded sources globally (KPMG, Brookings Institute and Forbes) have singled out the Boise Valley in three key areas:

1. Cost of Doing Business: KPMG (March 2012)
The Boise MSA is the third lowest-cost place to do business among the 15 largest cities in the Pacific U.S. and Canada (lowest among the Pacific U.S. Cities). Read the full study by KPMG.

2. Recession Recovery: Brookings Institute (March 2012)
The MetroMonitor lists Boise Metro as "one of the knowledge capitals of the West" and one of the 20 fastest-recovering cities by growth, employment and housing prices.

3. Family-friendly environment: Forbes (April 2012)
Of the largest MSA's, Boise ranks #2 on Forbes list of Best Places to Raise a Family (based on median income, overall cost of living, housing affordability, community delays, percentage of families owning homes, crime rate and education quality).

#3 "Highest Projected Percentage Job Growth", 2008-2018
Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2011

#5 "Best Economic Outlook" (Idaho)
American Legislative Exchange Council, September 2011

CNBC's "America's Top States for Business", 2011

#5 for Workforce

#11 for Cost of Doing Business

#12 for Cost of Living

#16 for Quality of Life

#10 "State for Job Placement Efficiency"
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, June 2011

#7 "State for Long-Term Job Growth Rate"
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, June 2011

#9 "Top State for Entrepreneurship & Innovation"
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, June 2011

#6 "Least Polluting State in the Nation"
24/7 Wall Street, December 2010

#9 "Healthiest State"
America's Health Rankings, November 2010

#13 "Best Economic Outlook" (Idaho)
American Legislative Exchange Council, September 2010

#13 "Best State for Business"
Chief Executive Magazine, May 2010

#5 State - "Lowest Crime Rate in the Country"
CQ Press, April 2010

#14 "Healthiest State"
America's Health Rankings, November 2009

#14 "Best Economic Outlook" (Idaho)
American Legislative Exchange Council, September 2009

#4 "State in Entrepreneurial Activity"
Kauffman Foundation Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, June 2009

#7 "Best State for Renewable Source Electricity Generation"
Energy Information Administration, June 2009

State with Fastest Growth for Green Jobs
Pew Institute, June 2009

#1 "Patents Per Capita" (Idaho), May 2009

#2 "State with Lowest Energy Costs"
Small Business & Entrepreneur Council, April 2009

Most Improved State for Employing Energy Efficiency
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, October 2008

#3 "America's Best Places for Alternative Energy-Geothermal" (Idaho), July 2008

#4 "America's Top States For Business", July 2008

#5 "Best Homeownership Rate in the Nation" (Idaho)
U.S. Census Bureau

#13 "State for Wind Power Development Potential"
American Wind Energy Association