*NOTE: These utility listings are for commercial and industrial businesses looking to expand or locate in Kuna.

Municipal governments as utility providers play a significant role in promoting Economic Development activity. Without widely available, reliable and affordable water, electric, gas and wastewater services, most projects could not get off the ground.

Before the first shovel hits the dirt, municipal utilities incur significant advanced planning and preparation costs to ensure sufficient capacity and infrastructure are in place to serve current customers as well as future Economic Development projects.

Making wise utility planning decisions has positioned the City of Kuna to be a major player in Economic Development. Kuna owns and operates its own municipal water and wastewater facilities.

The City of Kuna Wastewater Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of many miles of sewer mains, lift stations, the South Re-Use Facility, and the North Wastewater Treatment Plan. The City of Kuna Water Division is committed to providing a safe, clean supply of potable water and an abundant supply of irrigation water, by operating and maintaining several wells, some with storage tanks allowing for a sufficient and reliable water supply.

Commercial and industrial growth is a priority for Kuna, and Kuna leaders realize that no city or community can attract industry unless it has adequate, reliable, competitively priced utilities. That is why Kuna is constantly evaluating and preparing for future growth through utility master plans. These goals are always front and center in the decision-making process. Part of this process involves identifying and evaluating alternative methods of addressing capacity and supply.

Kuna Wastewater

Kuna's South Re-Use Facility uses a series of lagoons for treatment. The treated wastewater is recycled for irrigating a 485 acre City-Owned farm. The North Wastewater Treatment Plant uses an advanced membrane bio-reactor to filter the water to a very high standard before being discharged into Indian Creek.

Kuna Waterworks

Kuna's Waterworks provides both domestic and irrigation water to residents and businesses throughout Kuna.


Idaho Power provides energy that is reliable, renewable and at a reduced cost. Industrial rates have been 30-40% less than the national average, and Idaho's commercial rates are among the lowest in the nation. Learn more about Idaho Power.


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Idaho Power
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Intermountain Gas commits to providing their customers with the most cost-effective, clean, and efficient energy sources for their business needs. Intermountain assists commercial and industrial businesses with solutions to their energy needs, by providing a number of specialized services including customized cost modeling and comparisons to alternate energy sources. View rates and tariffs.


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Owyhee District Manager
Intermountain Gas
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