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RV Dump Grant - Community Feedback Requested


    The City of Kuna is re-applying for the RV Fund Grant to install a new Regional RV Dump in the City of Kuna.

    This project will address the lack of regional RV dump station access in the South Treasure Valley. The project will allow the City of Kuna to develop and install a regional RV dump station on a parcel of land owned by the city that is located off Meridian Rd (I-69). The City would be removing the current RV dump station from 2nd street which is located between Bernie Fisher Park (Main City Park) and the youth baseball fields. The new location would be a major improvement to RV dump facilities in the Kuna area with new unisex bathroom facilities, and act as a regional RV dump station in the south valley with improved health and safety for RV users.

  2. City of Kuna

    City Clerk's Office

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