Dog License

Animal Licensing

Kuna City Code 10-3 sets out the guidelines for owner responsibility, number of animals allowed, and other details.

Licensing is available through the city clerk's office and the fees for animals within city limits are shown on the table below.

Licensing Fee Table

Fees set by R18-2022 and Kuna Code 10-3.

Type or LicenseOne (1) YearThree (3) YearFive (5) Year
Non-Senior Citizen Owner$14.00$27.00$41.00
Senior Citizen Owner (Over 65)$9.50$19.00$28.00
Initial Commercial Kennel License$113.00N/AN/A
Renewal of Commercial Kennel License$113.00N/AN/A
Replacement of Lost License$1.25$1.25$1.25

Mail-In Applications

Mail a completed Dog Registration Application (PDF), fees, and age (if selecting senior citizen rate) to:
City of Kuna
P.O. Box 13
Kuna ID, 83634

Animal Services Provided by the Idaho Humane Society

The city of Kuna contracts the services of Idaho Humane Society (IHS) for animal control enforcement. IHS provides animal control services to neighborhoods within the city limits including:

  • Investigating complaints
  • Responding to calls for service
  • Patrol as time is available
  • Issuing citations to suspected violators and following through in court as appropriate
  • Apprehending and impounding stray animals and other animals as required in the City Code
  • Picking up dead or injured animals within the road right-of-way and the city limits
  • Other services as appropriate

IHS is also responsible for holding and preparing records and providing disposition for impounded animals, as is consistent with City Code requirements and Humane Society goals.

Lastly, IHS provides other services designed to support the goal of responsible animal ownership in Kuna including but not limited to: public information, acting as the city's expert consultant regarding legislation, and other matters regarding animal control in the community.