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  1. An Event Plan is required a minimum of 20 days prior to any Special Events that occur within the City of Kuna. (See KCC 3-8 et seq.)
  2. (If applicable)
  3. When Planning a Special Event: 1. An Event on private property shall require a special event permit if: a. Alcohol is being served and a catering permit is required; and/or b. Deadly weapons are being offered for sale; and/or c. If attendance is estimated to exceed five hundred (500) persons and the event has the potential to impact traffic, safety or public services as determined by the city clerk or other city department or pertinent agency. 2. All Public Events on public property shall require a special event permit. a. Required: The City will be required as a named additional insured on any events on city property. Insurance coverage should be in the amount of $1,000,000 3. Required: Contact the City Clerk’s Office to review your event and for a list of information needed based on your specific event. Phone Number: (208) 387-7726 E-Mail: 4. May be Required: a. Citizen Use Permit from Ada County Highway District b. Park Reservation
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