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Code Enforcement Complaint

  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Completion of this form will assist in identifying problems and provides specific information which Code Enforcement Deputy Zins uses to address those problems. Problems identified via this form are addressed as quickly as possible. 

    If you are in a critical situation in which you feel unsafe or obvious illegal activity is taking place, please call 911.

    Your information will remain anonymous unless for some reason the Code Enforcement Case were to go to court for prosecution.

  2. Complainant Information
  3. This is required as Code Enforcement Deputy Zins may have questions or wish to discuss the complaint with you.

  4. An email is helpful but not required.

  5. Please indicate the nature of your complaint by using the dropdown menu below:
  6. Offending Address/Location Information
  7. Site Location

  8. These details could include: vehicle make/model/color/license plate number; fencing material(s); dates/times of additional offenses; if the HOA has attempted to resolve the matter; etc.

  9. Photos

    Though photos are not required, they are extremely helpful and assist in providing a visual history of the complaint(s).

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