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Boise - Top 10 Best Cities for Jobs in 2020

And Kuna, part of the Boise Metro, has a workforce that is adaptable, smart and hardworking!

In Kuna and the surrounding region, we provide a quality, motivated, and skilled labor base. Employers can recruit from a pool of over 350,000, and with growth in the Boise MSA projected at 30% by 2020, there will not be a shortage of talent any time soon. The Boise Metro continues to see national attention for the region’s job growth and talent.

The Boise Metro, along with the State of Idaho is seeing a large growth from in-migration. Not to mention, the population in the metro is young, with the median age in Boise of 35.4 and the median age in Kuna even younger, at 30.6.


Workforce Development Training Funds (WDTF) is used to reimburse businesses for the cost of training new workers or retraining existing workers with skills necessary for specific economic opportunities and industrial expansion initiatives. The Idaho Department of Labor offers:

Employee Grants

  • Training reimbursement for new and expanding businesses
  • Emphasis on transferable skills and structured training programs with an education partner

Industry Sector Grants

  • Business entity representing a consortium of at least three industry partners with a similar occupational training need; all three partners              must meet current WDTF business requirements
  • Consortium, together with its training provider, must provide 25 percent cash match of the total grant request or 100 percent in-kind match        equal to the total grant request or a proportionate combination of cash and in-kind match.


  • Community-based partnership - business, education and others
  • $25,000 maximum award

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Sponsoring apprenticeships help close the skill gaps in many industries by providing a pipeline of skilled workers with industry-specific training and hands on experience.


Registered Apprenticeship is a national and state program with 29,000+ apprenticeship programs providing education and training to 500,000+ apprentices. Registered Apprenticeship operates in cooperation with state agencies, employers, educational institutions and others. Building a Registered Apprenticeship with your business has many advantages...for you and for your employees. Some of the benefits to a business include:

  • Aids in recruiting new personnel, and often supports the activities of your Human Resource department.
  • Allows you to create a flexible customized training program appropriate for your business.
  • Your business may qualify for state tax benefits or other financial support
  • Employers may experience strong returns on investment.
  • Become part of a nationwide network of 250,000 employers in 1,000 occupations
  • Learn best practices from leading training programs

To learn more about the apprenticeship program in Idaho, or to become a sponsor with Registered Apprenticeship, contact the Idaho Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship at 208-321-2973 or by email.


Idaho Career Information System (CIS) provides comprehensive career information, resources and services to help you make successful education and career decision. Learn more by visiting the Idaho Career Information System website.