Quick Facts

Boise Metropolitan Area

Kuna is part of the Boise Metro, or otherwise known as the Boise Valley. The total population within the Boise Metro is 885,260.

Growing Population

Kuna is one of the fastest growing communities in the Boise Metro with a 29.25% growth from 2010-2017. Future population estimates for Kuna is 45,019 by 2040.

Low Costs for Doing Business

Kuna offers a competitive climate for doing business. Our labor costs trend below the national average, we enjoy low tax and utility rates, and Idaho has not tax on services.

Low Costs of Living

Living in Kuna offers many of the conveniences of city life, without the traffic or hassle. Homebuyers hunting for good deals find them in Kuna with some of the lowest average price of housing in Ada County. Cost of housing is 81.7% of the national average.

Quality Workforce

Idaho is a right-to-work state. In Kuna and the surrounding region, we provide quality, motivated, and skilled labor base. Employers can recruit from an existing workforce of 350,604. The average age in Kuna is 30.6.


Kuna is central to the Boise Valley with direct connection to Highway 69, Interstate 84 and Interstate I-84. The Boise airport services more than 3,000,000 people a year and is less than 20 miles away. Valley Ride provides public bus transportation throughout the Boise Valley. Union Pacific Railroad line runs through Kuna just south of downtown and parallel to Indian Creek.

Quality of Place

Although Kuna and the Boise Valley is experiencing a fast pace of growth, it is balanced by our extraordinary quality of place. Kuna offers great schools, quality healthcare, outdoor recreation and adventure, and a variety of activities for people of all ages and interests. But Kuna earned its bragging rights because of the "people". Kuna's residents and business owners are by far the most welcoming, family and community oriented you will find. There is no place you will enjoy living more than here.

Welcome to our Kuna Family!